Teacher Preparation (For Teaching Credential)

Students who plan to obtain a single-subject teaching credential in English must take the following courses in addition to the requirements of the English major:

  1. Students must take:
  2. ENG 240. Writing in the Public Sphere (4)

    ENG 327. Literature for Adolescents and Young Adults (4)

    ENG 329. Issues in Literacy and Writing Studies(4)

    ENG 420. English Grammar I

    ENG 510. English in the Secondary Classroom (4)

    ENG 312. Theories of Language Acquisition and Learning (4)

    Note: Students can apply these courses toward the elective units in their track.

  3. Students must take ENG 306 or HUM 306 to satisfy the upper-division writing requirement of the university. [4 units]
  4. Students must include the following among their General Education Requirements:
    1. 4 units from:
    2. ENG 110. World Literature I (4)

      ENG 111. World Literature II (4)

    3. TA 260. Introduction to Theatre (4)

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