Mission & Goals

The mission of the undergraduate English major is to acquaint students with a diverse range of literary texts and their cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts; to develop through literature, writing, and language courses their appreciation of and respect for human values; to introduce them to some of the principal critical and scholarly approaches to the study of literature; to make them aware of the structure and history of the English language; to help them develop the ability to read perceptively, think critically, and write effectively; and to guide those students interested in creative writing to a suitable level of skill. For students who plan to be English teachers in secondary schools, they will be prepared in accordance with the California Public Schools K-12 Content Standards and Standards for Single Subject Matter Programs by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

The English major has 6 goals that center on study of literature, linguistics, and writing. Students graduating with the B.A in English are expected to demonstrate how they have, through their coursework, met these goals.