Internships: English 662, 663, and 664

Students in each of the three concentrations in the M.A. program are required to complete a 2-unit Internship in Composition (Eng 662), Literature (Eng 663) or Applied Linguistics & TESL (Eng 664). The goal of the internship course is to help graduate students to see the connection between theory and practice and to familiarize them with all aspects of classroom pedagogy. The internship allows the interning student access to various teaching pedagogies and strategies and close communication with both the students and the faculty member of the class chosen for the internship.

Depending upon the course in which students intern, during the class they may work one-on-one with students during group workshops, circulate during workshops to provide support and guidance to students, and provide assistance to students both in and out of class in understanding assignments, completing papers, and interpreting reading assignments. In addition, the Faculty Mentor may set additional requirements in the Internship Contract agreed to prior to the commencement of the internship.

In order to register for the internship, you must have completed the following courses in your concentration:

Composition: English 612 & two courses chosen from: Eng 530, 566, 626, 657, 658, or 660

Literature: English 612, English 600, & one course chosen from: Eng 601, 602, 603, 604, or 651

Applied Linguistics & TESL: English 619, English 626, & one course chosen from: Eng 523, 615, 616, or 617

Before the internship class (by the 8th week of the preceding quarter):

  1. Find a Faculty Mentor with whom to intern. The Faculty Mentor should have at least an MA degree and a minimum of two years of teaching experience in the area of the concentration (Applied Linguistics & TESL Faculty Mentors must have at least a Master's degree in TESL, Applied Linguistics, or Linguistics).
  2. Obtain the approval of the coordinator of your concentration by the 8th week of the preceding quarter.
  3. Meet with the Faculty Mentor, discuss what you will be doing and sign the Internship Contract. Make copies of the signed contract; give one copy to your Faculty Mentor, one copy to Coordinator of your concentration, and keep one copy for yourself.

During the internship class:

Carry out the activities listed on the "Internship Contract" and any additional activities specified by the Faculty Mentor in Part II of the contract, complete assigned readings, and participate in the Blackboard discussion group for interns.

At the end of the internship class:

  1. Write a 4-6 page essay in which you reflect upon your interning experience, evaluating the courses you have taken as well as some of the goals for the program and showing how they relate to your experience in the classroom. In other words, talk about how your classes did (or did not) help prepare you for the internship.
  2. Ask your Faculty Mentor for the "Letter to Instructor" that you gave him/her before interning.
  3. Submit both the above items to the Coordinator of your concentration. This is important, as the Coordinator must receive both the instructor's evaluation and your paper before giving you a grade for the internship.

Internship Forms:

The forms required for the internship (the Internship Contract, the "Letter to Instructor" and an explanatory "Letter to Student") are available here in PDF format. In order to view and print these forms, you need the Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, it is available as a free download.