Letters of Recommendation

Admission to the M.A. in English Composition program (Composition, Literature, or Applied Linguistics & TESL concentration) requires the submission of three letters of recommendation from people able to make relevant comments on the student's likely success in graduate work in English Composition, and on the student's competence in speaking and writing English.

To submit your letters of recommendation, print copies of the "Recommendation Waiver Form," complete and sign the upper half of the forms, and give them to the three individuals you have selected. Ask those individuals to supply letters of recommendation accompanied by these forms directly to the coordinator of your desired concentration. These letters should be submitted to us by the recommenders OR given to you in signed, sealed envelopes. If you are requesting a letter from CSUSB faculty, please make your request a minimum of three weeks in advance of the date you wish the letter submitted. If you are requesting a letter from an external recommender, consult that individual about the time frame required.